our story.

as do a lot of great stories, this one begins with someone standing naked at a crossroads, pondering the trials and tribulations of life. nothing Earth-shattering, but in hindsight, perhaps it was.
I was standing in front of my underwear drawer, freshly showered on an icy morning, cold and frustrated. I was gazing down, perplexed at my undies that were falling apart at the seams and which would no doubt be an encumbrance of some sort throughout the day. I thought to myself: "it's high time I get undies I can trust". afterall, life’s too short to wear unsatisfactory underwear, especially considering they’re the very foundation of your day.

I longed for more basics that were comfortable, longer lasting and looked bloody divine, that would give me that boost of confidence we so often need at the start of our day, no matter how we may feel in our skin. kinda like body armour, or rather anti-armour, the foundation to just be.

I didn't want to put on undies to "get into character" - I wanted to put undies on that made me feel glorious in my own skin, impervious and potent all at once. asking a lot of a simple undergarment? perhaps....but why the heck not.

it got me thinking about this hamster wheel that today’s modern womxn find themselves on, in the context of fashion and consumption. buy, use, throw, buy, don’t use, throw, buy, lose... surely there was a better way to temper our ludicrously consumptive selfs, by honing in on something that could meet our daily needs in a less-destructive and more meaningful way… and thus my love child of comfort and sustainability was conceived in the form of onnies.

as this idea began to unfurl, I envisioned simple styles, with no added frills and made from hemp, nature’s super power fabric. hemp is one of the most sustainable and economically viable all-natural textiles.....it grows faster, uses significantly less water than other natural fibres like cotton, absorbs tons of CO2 and regenerates the earth's soil, breathing new life into the world. plus throw a little hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties in there, and we’ve got the makings for a good pair’a panties, I’d say!

I created onnies as a celebration of authenticity and uniqueness. for every womxn wearing onnies to find the courage to commit to unwavering self-love for who they are, with all their lumps, bumps, curves and colours. 

when we begin to love the people we are, things in the world around us start to change. If onnies can help you do that, a lot or even just a little, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

I’ve put an enormous amount of love into these skivvies, so you can do the same for yourself.

so here's to us celebrating our perfectly imperfect selves and exploring the new narrative of how things work around here. 

Rebecca x

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