customer care

welcome to the customer care section of onnies.

this section is aimed at providing information and assistance regarding any queries  you may have while browsing or shopping online.

we invite you to send us an email at, where we will try our best to answer your questions to your satisfaction, as soon as we can.

alternatively, please fill out our Contact Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

our mission is to satisfy our customers and make it a priority to assist you with your experience at onnies, in which ever way you may require.

privacy policy

we are committed to the protection of the personal data we process. below you'll find the privacy policy which, guides how we collect, use, transfer and store the information that you provide us with or that we collect about you when interacting with onnies.

this privacy policy applies to all persons whose personal data are processed by onnies:​

visitors to the onnies website;

recipients of newsletters and emails sent by onnies to visitors of our exhibitions and/or website;

all other persons who contact onnies or of whom onnies processes personal data.

we process personal data you have provided to us, personal data generated during your visit to our website and when reading newsletters and emails sent by us. we also process personal data we have obtained from other sources such as social media platforms.

we use your personal data for the following purposes:

maintaining contact with the visitors of our website.

improving our communications on latest offerings.

understanding your interest in and views on sustainable fashion;

improving and securing our website

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