• sustainability goals.

progression over perfection

we see our goal of sustainability a little like the body of a womxn. she belongs to no one, but is admired by many.  she's receives judgement, but strives for fearlessness. she’s covered in lumps and bumps - she’s perfectly imperfect.

if we don’t aim to make progress in small, manageable steps, our journey towards realising our sustainability vision will be... quite ironically....unsustainable. 

we are a part of the fashion industry, which is the largest polluter in the world, after the oil industry. we are aware of the greenwashing that occurs within the fashion industry as brands dip their damaging practices in green synthetic dyes and call it sustainable fashion. 

sustainability isn’t simply a ‘label’ we attach to elevate our brand, it’s a necessity, not only for our future, but for right now. the most sustainable choice for our planet would be for everyone to stop buying clothes, and whilst that may not quite be an option, it doesn’t mean that we should stop producing due to the  fear of our impact. 

so, what do we do? 

our sustainability journey may be filled with many learnings - its possible that we find in a few years time that we’ve taken a wrong turn or two, or that what we once thought was eco-friendly, is not as sustainable as we thought. but we are committed to learning and adapting, as our knowledge and capabilities grow.

in an industry that is constantly moving, and bursting at the seams with trends, the worst thing we could do is to lose hope, because even if we do nothing, it will still keep keeping on. just as people won’t stop wearing clothes, we won’t stop trying to make better choices. we will communicate our goals and commitments with radical transparency towards more sustainable production. 

our goals

planet-focused production

create a cost-to-create scale which includes all costs, as well as the environmental impact and not just the price tag of each of our products, which will be available for our customers to use as a comparison to other underwear, helping them to understand their environmental impact and make empowered choices. we will also aim to get our cost-to-create scale verified to ensure transparency. while all of our packaging and deliveries are already carbon offset, our goal is for all our practices to be not only carbon neutral, but carbon positive. to ensure accountability, our goal is to obtain a carbon neutral certification.  we aim to create an ‘onnies offset’ project, where we carefully choose a project to which we donate our carbon offsets as a part of our climate mitigation tactics. closing the resource loops of our production by improving our circularity. from our design strategies, to post-consumer behaviours, signing onto an international circularity commitment and the releasing of a line using recycled materials.   

a product for the people, by the people

currently our hemp fabric consists of 5% nylon, a synthetic polymer, which after months of product testing, we were unable to do without, in order to keep the shape and elasticity needed for underwear. our goal is to do away with any other raw synthetic fibers within our products. 

our goal is to ensure that our product in no way excludes anyone, and the design of our products is inclusive of all sizes, from XS to XXXL. 

social responsibility is a big goal of ours, as we aim to help overcome the issues of gender based violence in our home land, South Africa, by donating a portion of our profits to gender based violence causes. adding to this, we aim to be stewards of the environment, not only within our business practices, but by supporting regenerative farming projects as well as women in environmental activism. we aim to ensure that all the factories where our materials are produced are ethically and environmentally governed. that all workers are treated fairly and ethically and earn a living wage under good working conditions. it is important that workers feel empowered at work, and that any concerns, feedback or ill-treatment and prejudice can be raised. 

we will continue to aim for progress over perfection in our sustainability journey and we look forward to openly sharing our progress with you, with radical transparency. 

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